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Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Our Spanish School offers flexibility and professionalism

Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires has a  highly praised and solidly organized educational plan. The school is well-organized and well-equipped, utilizing proven teaching methods and resources for maximum results.  Íbero is a seasoned and professional organization with a long-standing reputation and a list of prominent recommendations.


98%  of our students would recommend us

Our Spanish Course in Buenos Aires

Our methodology 

We believe in the constructivist theory of teaching which states that students learn best when they are dynamically involved in the Spanish learning process and therefore are better able to relate and reflect on their class experiences at a later time.  In order to achieve a constructivist classroom, our students are actively encouraged to participate and become involved in each topic; to ask questions and express any thoughts and feelings they may have; to involve themselves in class discussions and to gain responsibility when working independently and within groups. Íbero puts a great emphasis on communication in the classroom and encourages the exchange of ideas between students and teachers.


Our classes offer the perfect combination of an excellent education and social activities.

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All our programs are based on the principal of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age or disability.

Ibero Spanish Language School Buenos Aires, Argentina.