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Spanish for beginners Buenos Aires 

Beginning Spanish Buenos Aires 

At Íbero, Spanish teaching has a main objective: to achieve the students` capability to communicate. The Spanish courses  here are organized in several levels,  each one of them, including the levels: Elementary,Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.

These levels cover the specific grammar topics to fulfill the main objective of the courses: the students` ability to  communicate maintaining a conversation and naturally using  the Spanish language.

In groups or in private lessons, oral, written, listening comprehension and multimedia activities are always focused on the use of the language in different contexts. While following a given timetable, the teachers analyze the students´ personal needs and adapt their teaching accordingly.

They also receive the guide of a tutor who helps them solve their problems.

We train you to use language - not just to perform in the classroom.

Spanish BEGINNER level and ELEMENTARY level:

These levels are for people with no previous knowledge of the Spanish language, who have a basic knowledge and/or those who had studied Spanish many years ago. It is aimed to give the students basic communication skills in everyday situations. The students will be able to use the Present Simple tense.

The students must be able to:

• Give personal information (name, age, nationality, profession, customs, etc.).

• Understand and edit simple texts.

• Ask for information, favors and permissions.

• Describe persons, objects and simple situations.

• Understand simple texts and oral communications.

• Invite, accept or to refuse invitations.

• Give and to understand simple instructions.

• Interact in a situation of buying and selling.

• Communicate likes and dislikes.


“I loved this country, this Spanish program and these teachers.I did a two week course and I not only picked up enough Spanish to be able to travel around South America comfortably, I also had a lot of fun. For me the best thing about Íbero is its flexibility on arranging the classes and the speed of the lessons. The possibility to shift the emphasis on the course to what is most important for me, was very appealing. Íbero exceeded all my expectations: it is for sure Spanish according to your needs! I highly recommed this program.”

Paul H.Thompson, Sydney,Australia.

”Before I came to Buenos Aires, I wasn’t speaking any Spanish at all. But I got this exceptional opportunity to learn a new language and improve it in a professional environment.

You choose how many hours and for how long time you would like to study yourself, which will give you plenty of spare time to explore Buenos Aires, and everything the city has to offer; like theatres, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, monuments, different activities, the parks, sports events, why not go to a famous and worldclass football game? Here is something for everyone.Finally, I must say that I highly recommend taking Spanish classes and to choose these highly professional teachers!!!. I have been very satisfied and know that more students have been so too”. Kathy Morrison Reynolds, New York, USA.


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All our programs are based on the principal of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age or disability.

Ibero Spanish Language School Buenos Aires, Argentina.