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Spanish Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ibero Spanish School

Each of our Spanish Courses has a curriculum created specifically for the Spanish learning needs of the students in that program. Our Spanish instructors constantly use a wide variety of Spanish language techniques to achieve rapid and efficient student improvement and rely on the use of authentic materials and may other educative resources. 

We use a communicative approach to Spanish language learning and teach all linguistic skills including Spanish writing, reading, listening, speaking, pronunciation and grammar. Classes at Íbero are always student-centered. Students are always encouraged to be active in using their Spanish while working cooperatively in pairs and small groups (each class has a maximum of 7 students). 

Rapid acquisition of Spanish proficiency is paramount to compete in today’s global marketplace. At Ibero, we believe that high quality Spanish language teaching courses should be accessible to all at an affordable cost. In order to meet this goal, we continually educate ourselves in most effective and innovative Spanish teaching methods, while working hard to keep student costs as low as possible.

Experienced Teachers

We have experienced native Spanish instructors that have been speaking Spanish as their main form of communication for their entire lives. All our instructors are university graduated and speak other languages, reason by which they totally understand the student perspective. They are also able to explain to students how many people may change the meanings of their words in different sentence contexts as well as slang that may be used by Latin American, Spanish or Argentinian native speakers. Our instructors will always use proper Spanish grammar and pronunciation so that students are able to learn the accurate way to speak the Spanish language.


Our curriculum encourages students to improve spoken Spanish with our innovative method, which involves a lot of speaking and talking with each other and instructors. Students not only learn to speak Spanish, but they will also build and strengthen their skills in listening, reading, writing, speaking and presentation. Students will also strengthen their Spanish vocabulary and linguistic skills.


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All our programs are based on the principal of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age or disability.

Ibero Spanish Language School Buenos Aires, Argentina.