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Our accommodation

Best Quality Student Accommodation in the heart of Buenos Aires

Our team in Buenos Aires will help you to arrange comfortable and affordable accommodation during your Spanish program with us. Course fees do not include accommodation, but available options include this unique shared apartment at Piedras 83, where the school is located. It is safe and well located, in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Palacio Piedras offers a unique blend of historical charm, a central location, and a welcoming community atmosphere. It's an ideal choice for travelers looking to explore Buenos Aires while enjoying a comfortable and memorable stay.

PRICE 450 USD per month

Shared Apartment

We offer accommodation in Buenos Aires at a shared apartment with other students.

These accommodations are safe, comfortable and regularly vetted by staff members. We’ll book and arrange everything for you so all you have to do when you land is take a cab right to your new home!

Students have the option of staying in Piedras Palace which is an elegant, vintage and beautiful space in downtown Buenos Aires. With an exceptional downtown location, it also hosts an international educational program since it is a very spacious, tranquil space for intellectuals and artists.

This shared apartment has three main bathrooms and four rooms. Rooms are big and shared by no more than three students.

Your safety and comfort are a top priority at Palacio Piedras. The building is secure, and staff are available to assist with any needs or concerns.


Accommodation during your Spanish program

Practical Accommodation at Palacio Piedras. Live where you study.

Palacio Piedras is a remarkable shared apartment located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, offering a unique and memorable experience. Here are some of its highlights:

Historic Charm: Palacio Piedras is housed in a beautifully restored historic building, showcasing exquisite architectural details and a rich sense of history. The elegant facade and classic interiors provide a sense of living in a bygone era.

Prime Location: Situated in the bustling downtown area, you'll be just steps away from major attractions, iconic landmarks, restaurants, and shopping districts. The convenience of having Buenos Aires at your doorstep is unbeatable.

Spacious Accommodations: The apartments within Palacio Piedras are generously spacious, offering ample room for comfort and relaxation. Whether you choose a private or shared room, you'll find well-appointed living spaces.

Amenities: Palacio Piedras offers a range of amenities, including a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and a cozy common area. It's perfect for socializing with fellow travelers or enjoying quiet moments.

Community Vibes: This shared apartment fosters a sense of community. It's a fantastic place to meet fellow travelers and make new friends from all over the world. The communal atmosphere adds to the experience.

Flexible Accommodation Options: Palacio Piedras provides various accommodation options, making it suitable for solo travelers, couples, or groups of friends. Choose the setup that best suits your needs.

Local Experiences: The staff at Palacio Piedras can help you discover authentic Buenos Aires experiences. From tango lessons to food tours and cultural events, they'll assist you in immersing yourself in the local culture.

Share the room with only two students

Best downtown location in an international community of students

Staying in a shared room at Palacio Piedras, nestled in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, offers a unique and enriching experience for Spanish students:

Cultural Exchange: Sharing a room with two other Spanish students fosters a vibrant cultural exchange. You'll immerse yourself not only in the language but also in the diverse perspectives and traditions of your roommates.

Cost-Effective: Shared accommodation often proves to be more budget-friendly, allowing you to save on lodging expenses and allocate your resources towards further exploration and experiences in Buenos Aires.

Language Practice: Living with fellow Spanish learners provides ample opportunities for constant language practice. Conversations in Spanish become an organic part of your daily routine, accelerating your language acquisition.

Social Support: Rooming with peers creates an instant support system. From navigating the city to sharing study tips and experiences, you'll have companions to lean on during your language learning journey.

Palacio Piedras Experience: Residing in Palacio Piedras itself adds a layer of historical and architectural immersion. The stunning setting of the palace enriches your stay, making it a memorable part of your Buenos Aires adventure.

Overall, a shared room at Palacio Piedras not only offers practical benefits but also enhances your cultural and language learning experience, fostering connections and memories that last well beyond your time at Ibero Spanish School.


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