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Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Affordable Spanish School in Buenos Aires

Affordable Spanish School in Buenos Aires

Argentina, cheapest destination to learn Spanish

Normally, Spanish-speaking countries are a paradise for both experience and value. Cost of living is relatively low, people in general are friendly, street food is abundant and cheap and the scenery most of the time is breathtaking, therefore opportunities for adventure are boundless.

In my experience, I find the private Spanish language schools in Buenos Aires to be overpriced considering the local economy in Argentina.These schools are pricing their courses at or above the rates charged at Spanish language schools in Europe. Even though, there are some exceptions to the rule.Ibero Spanish School located in downtown Buenos Aires offers the best prices possible for academic teaching.If you’re going to spend anytime in Buenos Aires it is a great opportunity to study Spanish, because to me Argentina is one of the cheapest destinations to learn Spanish besides Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru which are also cheap countries to learn Spanish. So, why choose Buenos Aires? Because it is the capital of Argentina? Because it has more than 4 million people and is one of the biggest cities in the world? Whatever it was that originally piqued your interest in this grand city, one thing has remained certain for years: once you arrive in Buenos Aires, you will never want to leave. It has been said that arriving in Buenos Aires is like jumping onto a moving train. The vibe throughout the entire city is one of energy; a rhythm that creates the sensation of adventure that time and time again leaves travelers wanting more. Even if you already know some Spanish you may want to improve it or get to learn both the regional vos or the Lunfardo, a slang used extensively throughout Argentina, and especially in and around Buenos Aires. What you will find, is the city of Buenos Aires is composed of many different cultures and traditions.  Of course, you will have much more fun in Buenos Aires and get to know the city better if you are studying Spanish.  Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires will transform from just taking Spanish lessons in a classroom to a complete experience as you immerse yourself in the culture and customs of Buenos Aires.  From meeting other travelers to socializing with Argentines and talking with your Spanish professors, you will benefit from sharing your experience with others.  Buenos Aires is an ideal place to study Spanish and students benefit from the richness of the city many call ¨the Paris of the south¨

Íbero Spanish School is located in the heart of the city. We are blocks away from the city’s famous and impressive Obelisk, and some blocks away from the city’s major avenues: Avenida Corrientes, Avenida de Mayo and the famous Avenida de 9 de Julio. With comfortable classrooms; an inviting lobby with Internet and beverages, friendly and available staff to answer your questions and because we are so centrally located, Íbero Spanish School walks you through the doors at the end of the day right into the action of the city. 

The Spanish levels at Ibero Spanish School Buenos Aires are eight and cover everyone from complete beginners to students nearing fluency.  Each stage takes three weeks to complete and ends with an exam. The Spanish program is designed to expose students to all facets of the language: writing, reading, speaking, listening/comprehension and grammar. Ibero’s balanced teaching approach allows students to progress quickly while maintaining a pleasant learning environment. Students from every corner of the globe have spent time at and enjoyed their experience here.On their last day at the school, students are presented with a diploma stating the level they achieved, and the dates they attended the course.Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires at Íbero can be an extremely rewarding experience and it is of course, what you make it.The most popular courses are the school’s small- Spanish group classes. These Spanish classes are offered for four hours in both the mornings and afternoons, and are limited to between 3 and 8 students. The Íbero Spanish program is designed to expose students to all facets of the language: writing, reading, speaking, listening/comprehension and grammar. Íbero Spanish School has a balanced teaching approach that allows students to progress quickly while maintaining a pleasant learning environment. Íbero values the experience of students and has built a program that is extensive in content and engaging for the student. With its own line of Íbero Spanish learning books, the school ensures students begin at the right Spanish level and progress at a rate that suits their learning. This is normally done via e-mail or on the first Monday of Spanish classes, before 10 am. 

Can you imagine a more exciting and memorable way to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires?


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