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Spanish Language Schools in Buenos Aires

Studying Spanish in Buenos Aires offers the opportunity to enjoy the city’s rich European culture and immerse oneself in a Spanish speaking atmosphere.


Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina

At Íbero Spanish School Buenos Aires, Spanish teaching has a main objective: to achieve the students` capability to communicate. The courses are organized in several levels,  each one of them, including the levels: Elementary,Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced and Superior.

These levels cover the specific grammar topics to fulfill the main objective of the courses: the students` ability to  communicate maintaining a conversation and naturally using  the Spanish language.

In groups or in private lessons, oral, written, listening comprehension and multimedia activities are always focused on the use of the language in different contexts. While following a given timetable, the teachers analyze the students´ personal needs and adapt their teaching accordingly.

They also receive the guide of a tutor who helps them solve their problems.

We train you to use language - not just to perform in the classroom.


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Spanish Classes in Buenos Aires

Our Spanish School  Íbero Buenos Aires offers a fully-customizable program of Spanish classes, and works directly with educational and cultural exchange programs around the world. Our daily Spanish Courses are offered year- round and taught by fully certified, Spanish native and bi-lingual instructors.