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Spanish in Buenos Aires 

Spanish immersion classes in Argentina

Argentina is one of the world’s most popular Spanish language learning destination. The combination of high quality Spanish schools, relatively cheap prices, inspiring culture, beautiful people, and some of the best steak means there’s many reasons to choose Argentina over other destinations. However, anyone booking their language trip to Argentina is likely to be warned of a few language pitfalls in Argentina both in pronunciation and grammar. Please don't let this sway you in the wrong direction, learning the Spanish language here will prepare you to speak it anywhere make speaking Spanish in any other Spanish-speaking country a piece of cake.

Buenos Aires offers a wealth of conversation exchanges that, when used in correlation with group or private Spanish lessons will improve your Spanish ability immensely. Interactive Spanish like language exchanges promote cross cultural interaction and provide a place to practice language skills and share international culture. There are many throughout the city, often free or with a small cost that includes consumption. The most popular are Mundo Lingo, Spanglish, and Buenos Aires Swap, which are held on various nights of the week at rotating bars or cafés. Some offer a specific topic of conversation to practice, and others simply let the conversation flow. Furthermore this form of learning will allow you to learn Spanish in Spanish and forces you to use the Spanish you have learned to develop conversation skills. 

Learning a new language and connecting to people who do not speak the same language as you can be difficult. People are friendly, generous and welcoming in Buenos Aires. They love everything “culture” and Buenos Aires is a melting pot of cultural activity that will blow your mind. All this means that meeting people is easy, which makes the task of learning Spanish a lot easier. Throw into the mix, a great nightlife, delicious food, music, and it does not get much better than that!

Spanish in Buenos Aires is a unique style of Spanish, which although quite different from other varieties, is beautiful. As expressive and melodic as Italian, and rammed full of delicious slang to get your teeth into. In Buenos Aires, beginning Spanish can be fun. While learning Spanish in a beautiful place with a melodic flow can make it all the more worth it. That is why so many people have chosen Buenos Aires as their top destination to learn the wonderful Spanish language.

I wouldn´t change anything, Íbero Spanish School in Buenos Aires was perfect! Great time. Colby Branch, USA

Fue una experiencia muy buena, he aprendido mucho en tan poco tiempo. Me gustó mucho mi profesora y la coordinadora. Marilia Imbelloni, Brazil

A mí me gustó mucho Íbero con buenos profesores y una estructura buena. Gabriel Cardoso, Brazil

Me gustó mucho Íbero y también esta ciudad. Me encanta Buenos Aires y pude aprender mucho aquí en Íbero. Maria Chiappetta, Brazil

Fue muy buena, me gustó mucho porque conocí muchas personas y pude hacer muchas actividades que Íbero organizó. Monica Cerquiera, Brazil

Yo he disfrutado las clases mucho, aprendía mucho sobre los verbos y las reglas del idioma que no sabía antes. Mi profesor es muy bueno, y me reía mucho con sus historias en español Laura Price, England

I have found the course very useful. My teacher was excellent. Tom Ashford, England

Buenos Aires es una ciudad muy linda. Me gusta que la escuela organice mi vida social y me encantó el teatro ciego ayer. La escuela tiene profesores muy buenos . Grace Duke, UK.


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