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Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spanish classes at Ibero

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires!

Would you like to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires at a Spanish language school with the best quality Spanish immersion course and fully qualified native teachers with the best price possible for academic instruction in small class sizes? If so, then Ibero Spanish language school is the perfect choice for you!

Íbero Spanish School has earned its reputation by offering high-Spanish quality group, private and semi-private courses as well as special programs for educators, business professionals, medical employees and people with other Spanish learning needs.  The school goes a step past the competition with programs like the Volunteering Program, TEFL Certification courses and Spanish immersion classes such as the Semester Abroad Program.

Our Spanish immersion courses here at our Spanish school in Buenos  Aires are an intensive 10 or 20 hour per week course taught in communicative Spanish by native Spanish teachers from Argentina, Spain and/or Latin America armed with a vast experience on teaching the Spanish language to foreign students (non-native Spanish speakers). All our Spanish immersion courses at Íbero Buenos Aires will enable the student to achieve a level defined as ¨independent user¨ by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which involves having enough autonomy to carry out the majority of the specific exercises that require the use of language in all Spanish speaking countries.

Each Spanish course has a set schedule and number of Spanish classes hours provided by the school.  All Spanish group classes will have a minimum of three students each.  If, for any reason, this minimum cannot be reached, Íbero Spanish School Buenos Aires has the right to modify the class hours.  Students in a group class of only one or two people will be provided with an academically equivalent structure of two hours of instruction.  

All the prices for all students are the same as those posted on the school’s website.  The student is required to complete payment on their first day of classes.  Untimely completion of payment will result in the cancellation of all previously quoted discounts, and require the student to pay in full the posted price for all programs. Classes missed due to national holidays are not made up, but will be reflected in discounted weekly prices when necessary.  

Each original Íbero textbook is the sole property of the individual who has the book, and it is to be used only for the academic course for which it was created. The textbook is personal and non-transferable, just like Íbero´s Spanish lessons, and it is prohibited to lend, gift or photocopy the Íbero Spanish textbook.

Our method of teaching Spanish to foreign students here at Íbero pays equal attention to developing all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), with a special emphasis on the effective communication in Spanish. 

The objective of all Spanish classes at Íbero Buenos Aires is to assist the student in advancing their abilities to the fullest extent possible. Specific objectives will change depending on course level, but generally include an expanded vocabulary, better use of Spanish grammar, greater grasp of spoken language and improved verbal fluidity. Courses are designed such that students learn new abilities in order to build upon their pre-existing skill set.

Our Spanish Teachers and our effective method

All the teachers at Ibero are native Spanish speakers, with a university degree as well as specific training in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The maximum class size at our school is only six students per Spanish class with an average of 8 students per group.

Our program is designed to expose students to all facets of the Spanish language:  written practice, conversational skills, listening and comprehension ability, and grammatical instruction and in order to learn more you should be able to complete a learning level in three weeks, so that time is the minimum you’d need to go the fast way and progress in less time.  

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All our programs are based on the principal of equal opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, marital status, sexual orientation, creed, color, race, ethnic origin, age or disability.

Ibero Spanish Language School Buenos Aires, Argentina.